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Drapery is a wonderful addition to your current or new window treatments. Pair your blinds, shades, or shutters with our drapery and truly elevate the look of your windows. Drapery is a great solution for eliminating side light gaps.



Artisan Drapery can elevate your new or pre-existing window treatments by adding dimension to complete your home’s overall look and style. Our drapery is meticulously constructed to ensure quality and a premium feel.


  • Our Artisan drapery features variety of premium fabric styles, including solids, prints, stripes, jacquards and sheers.
  • Artisan Drapery can be customized to specific lengths, pleats, or liners to suit your needs.
  • In addition to enhancing your decor, our drapery can provide extra insulation, light control, and sound absorption.

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